BSN Subcommittees

The following subcommittees have been formed to fulfill the mission of the
Bernie Sanders Network. Each section includes the committee's
PowerPoint presentation from our January 15, 2017 'Organize In the Trump
New Year' event.
Please get in touch with the listed subcommittee
heads to learn more and get involved!

Presentation Link
The purpose of the Communications Committee is to maintain the group's website,
google group listserv, and Facebook pages, as well as to design branding and
marketing materials for meetings, other committee events, etc.
Sudhir Khetan; 732-648-7106 (cell)

Presentation Link
The goals of the Issues Committee are to identify priority issues campaigns and to
perform policy and legislative tracking.
Zack Smith; 607-643-5541

Presentation Link
The Action Committee is responsible for implementing actions decided upon by BSN,
and those with which BSN determines to partner.
Carol June Washington;
Ken von Geldern;

Presentation Link
The electoral Committee is responsible for candidate recruitment and support, as well
as lobbying for issues campaigns.
Dustin Reidy

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The Outreach Committee will plan, initiate, and engage in outreach activities to:
strengthen community and local committee awareness, engagement, education and
support, develop the BSN membership, develop funding bases for BSN, NYPAN, and
Our Revolution, and support BSN activities.
Tom Goodfellow; 518-424-6776 (text only); twitter: tgoodfellow_tga